Last week

During the last week of any school, you will find so much hustle and bustle. Everyone is thinking of the past, present and future all at the same time. For TISPC, particularly Secondary, when you add the KS3 residential trips into the week, this was always going to be even more interesting.

Our residential trips returned on Wednesday from their various destinations and experiences. I had the privilege to drop into the Year 9 group and Janda Baik on Monday evening, apart from a few small insect bites to one or two students, it was clear all were enjoying the experiences. I have added a few pictures here from each trip but please check out the school website for more. We have received some great positive comments from the site facilitators on how our students responded to the activities they experienced and we are very proud of the role models they have all been in representing TIS.

Thursday was a very interesting day as we had a transition experience for our current Year 6. They came into the Secondary department and were given a short taste of the lessons and routines used in Secondary for Year 7. I know they enjoyed the science lessons very much, as I am sure Year 6 parents would have been told.

We also had the orientation day for new students starting with us in January who also had a short experience of the Secondary school structure. It was also a great opportunity to meet new parents and to see the increasing new talent and skills coming to TISPC, adding to the existing range of skills that we are already very proud of.

Lastly, our final whole school assembly on Friday was a mixture of emotions. We were able to share an overview of what this past year has brought us and celebrate our success of what we have achieved. We also had the opportunity to say goodbye to some students and staff who are leaving us. It is very difficult to measure a teacher’s impact into the lives of learners. However, it is clear that the seeds sown by all teachers will bear fruit and we want to especially thank all the individuals; teachers, parents and support staff who have all participated in supporting the learners at TISPC in their ongoing learning journey, with a special thank you to those staff moving on to a different place of work as they continue their own learning journey. It has been a pleasure working with you and I wish you all the success possible for the future.

By Mr. Mike Moreton (Head of Secondary)
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